No network connectivity after firmware update?

I just got a new WD TV Live for my dad. I believe it’s a Plus (came with the larger remote). It’s not a Hub, got it at Best Buy. After I hooked it up and connected to the wireless network it notified there was a firmware update, and I told it to update. Obviously at this point the wireless connection was working fine.

Now after the firmware update it can’t connect to the wireless and keeps giving the “unable to obtain an IP address” error. I’ve tried reconnecting to the network and re-entering the network key but no luck. The internet IS working as I’m using it to browse this forum. Any ideas? Pretty annoyed the firmware update just about instantly broke the system.

I don’t know which firmware it had when I started but now it says “Device Info 1.03.07i” in the settings. Any ideas? If I reset the device, will it reset to the initial firmware?

Based on that firmware version (1.03.07i) you bought the Live Streaming Media Player (most people here call it the Live-S or Live SMP), not the Live Plus.

Try doing a factory reset.   

1.03.07i is an “intermediate” release…  It will probably go from there to 1.03.10, then to the latest, 1.05.18.

Resetting does NOT restore the previous firmware.  It clears all the memory and configuration.

If that doesn’t work, then try to update via USB instead.

If it *DOES* work, once you’re done with the final update, do another factory restore just to get a fresh start before you do the rest of the setup.

Interesting - the only things he needs it to do are play video files from an external USB drive and connect to Netflix and Hulu (both which it looks like it does), so it should be good.

I did a factory reset and the internet connection started working again so I’m updating the firmware again… one step at a time! :slight_smile:

We’ll see how it goes… thank you for the timely reply (as it is a Christmas present I want to make sure it works while I’m still here…

sapling wrote:


We’ll see how it goes… thank you for the timely reply (as it is a Christmas present I want to make sure it works while I’m still here…

No problem.  I’ll subscribe this thread and while I’m assembling toys will check in and help you get a working box.  :)

Seems to be working! Got to the latest firmware and the internet is connected; set up Windows Vista file sharing for his USB drive and he is now happily plinking away looking at different files and seeing what he can watch. He’s tickled pink. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!!!

Gotta say the picture looks great (even over composite - he has an older HDTV without HDMI), and he is thrilled as he has been watching movies on his tiny laptop - can’t wait till we set up Hulu and Netflix!

Merry Christmas and good luck with your toy assembly :slight_smile:

Awesome.  Enjoy!

I had this same issue after updating my  firmware last night and I was able to remedy the problem by rebooting my Wireless Router. After that, it connected just fine.