2.02.32 firmware has killed network connectivity stone dead. Need help

Hi there, new to this site, but had to join as I’ve immediately just come across this problem.

I Installed the new 2.02.32 firmware, it failed to complete the second part of the update - although stated afterwards that I DID have new updates - and now my network connection in the WDTV Live hub is totally dead.

Now after reading the comments in these forums, I’ve tried to reset it back to factory settings by going Setup>System> Device Reset>Reset Settings back to Factory Default

It does this, and when it starts up it immediatley tries to connect to internet and complete the upgrade - and fails - and still I have no network connection.

What’s more, the main menu has changed. And there’s no FILE option. I say this because I tried to transfer the firmware to a flash stick and transfer it over but it STILL doesn’t work. What the **bleep** do I do!!

I can’t locate ANYWHERE online for the previous firmware setting 2.01.86. I tried the whole ‘turn off Auto Detect Wi-fi’ which is pointless as when I reset the device, its factory setting is to have the bloody thing ON!

I can’t comment on the youtube, netflix and MP4 bugs that others have reported on as I’m concerned more about the network issues - I can’t get online to anything!!

Can someone please tell me how to sort this nonsense out ASAP - in crystal clear detail -  as this update has essentially screwed my WDTV hub compeletely.


I recommend you try rolling back the firmware and then try updating the firmware again. I believe there was something wrong with your firmware update.

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, or WD TV Media Player 

Same here, I upgraded today…and it will no longer automatically configure my wireless settings.  I can manually enter an ip for it to use, and add the subnet, dns, and gateway myself.  That does allow me to get onto my network, but internet connectivity is completely shot.  Can’t access any apps…etc.