Upgrade My Cloud Ex2 to Ex2 Ultra

Dear all,

As my old My Cloud Ex2 is running out of support I am currently thinking about buying just the case of an My Cloud Ex2 Ultra as a replacement.

Can I just put the harddisks from the old Ex2 into the Ex2 Ultra and everything will work fine or is this migration scenario not possible?

If not - what would be an easy alternative?

Thanks for your help!


I don’t have the answer, but came here to ask the same question.

I would NEVER pull disks out of a functioning NAS box unless I had a full backup somewhere nearby.

I strongly suspect you can pull the disks and directly insert. You will encounter a feature called “Raid Roaming”, that will let you migrate the disks. Do some searches on that term. . . hopefully someone smarter than I can weigh in.

Side notes:
I am guessing your HDD’s inside the EX2 are not young. What I would do (Since I have more money than sense) is to buy new NAS with disks; and simply do a drag-n-drop copy.

For a new unit. . .I would likely choose JBOD over RAID. . .since I backup the data off unit-anyway.

OS/5 is not that great TBH. A backstep in a number of regards. For a new NAS, I would be inclined to not have WD on the shopping list.

found this yesterday

hope it helps you too

why would you never pull disks out of a NAS unless you have backup?
isn’t the whole idea of having a NAS with RAID > 0 to have a backup in the NAS? :wink:

anyway thanks for your help - raid roaming was the keyword that brought up a WD article on how to migrate the data from one enclosure to another.

i think it strongly depends on your definition of “backup”.
if you are talking about a geographical different backup to survive even disaster like fire, and so on i am with you → RAID 1 has no use there

but if one is talking about a backup with the goal the if one HDD gets a hardware fault than RAID 1 can be seen as a solution to cope with this issue…