Upgrade HDD size

Hello everyone - we have two 2TB HDDs in out DL2100…we are looking to upgrade/increase the size of storage and will keep it RAID1. Can you offer some recommendations as far as what HDD’s are compatible/preferred, with sizes and perhaps part numbers/ Also, can you also point me to a reference to upgrade the device without losing and stored data? I was thinking of using these:

WD Red Pro 6TB NAS Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM Class SATA 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD6002FFWX

…but I wanted to make sure before I purchased them that they would be ok - thank you all for your help

A DL2100 only supports 2 drives at a time. In order to migrate without losing data you’ll need another device to hold your information, and then it has to be copied back into your unit.

WD Red Pro hard drives are not supported at the time of this post.



Thank you for your reply - can you help me determine which drives are supported and what capacity?

he sent you the link for compatible drives


Thanks! I just didn’t scroll down :slight_smile:

WD Red Pros do work on the DL2100! Check the DL4100 and that also only shows Red and not Red Pros. I am running 4TB Red Pros on both a DL4100 and a DL2100!

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Good to know going forward…

In the DL4100 I have four 4TB WD RED Pro drives model number WD4001FFSX which spin at 7200 RPM and have 64MB cache. On the DL2100 I have two 4TB WD RED Pro drives model WD4002FFWY which also spin at 7200 and have a larger 128MB cache.

On both drives I have added the 4GB of memory and I’m very happy with the performance of both drives!

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Hello guys, what about the specific scenario in which you need to upgrade BOTH disks without backuping data? Just install 2 new fresh disks and start to backup again. Is there any specific tutorial for this? Do you know if the firmware is embedded in the original drives and need to be copied to the new drives or sthing? Or is the firmware within the hardware independently from the disks?

Hello Antonio,

The firmware is independent of the disks, it is embedded on the unit motherboard. If there is no need to save data, just install the new disks, partition them and execute your backup.

So, Why are the Red Pro drives not suitable for use? The link you’ve given does not work.

At the time the link was posed (May 5th, 2016), 7200 RPM hard drives were not supported. Since the unit no longer has a dedicated entry on WD’s main site, I am not aware if said considerations still apply.