DL4100 HD Capacity Expansion

Hello WD Community.

I’ve got a 24TB DL4100 with 4 6TB WD Red drives installed. I’m looking to upgrade my four drives to the largest capacity possible. I was reading some of the prior posts to see if there was a process of how to do this. I saw one poster saying that they hot swapped all their drives one at a time but in the end the software did not increase the partition size which ended up having to start from scratch to upgrade the drives.

Can someone post a process on how they have updated their DL4100?
Is the WD Red 12TB drives compatible with the DL4100?

Thanks in advance,


That would interest me too. I am having a DL2100 and I need more storage soon. I am thinking of upgrading from 2x4GB to 2x8GB or then 2x10GB. Upgrading to 2x6GB does not make sense to me.

Could you figure that out yet?