Upgrade from EX4 to dl2100


I own an EX4 - 4Bay with only 2 HDD and want to replace it with EX2100. I have saved the configuration of my EX4 and would like to know after importing the configuration will i be able to place the 2 HDD into my new diskless dl2100 and just make the raid rebuild ?


Suggest you check with WD on this, as the config file structure of the two could be different.

Configuration i can redo, i am more concern about the raid rebuild and is it possible or not to move my HDDs into another Mycloud setbox.

I asked this question a few times a while ago. Didn’t get an answer. Will be watching this thread with interest.

I have opened a support case and will see how that will go.

5 business days to get a reply; I will be keeping the old setup online till i am sure about this.