Upgrade EX4 to DL2100 Suggestions

Am ready to move to DL2100 from EX4 and had questions about best way to proceed.
First, can I simply install my EX4 hard drives (WD 4TB Reds) into the DL2100 and then move forward?
Should I uninstall all MyCloud apps on Mac desktop and set up DL2100 from scratch once I’ve installed drives as above?

RAID roaming is supported by all My Cloud devices but you shall have the same amount of drives. If EX4 is using four drives with RAID 5, you cannot pick two of them and have all data swapped to DL2100. You would lose all your data as your exsting RAID 5 will be broken up. Therefore, if this is your actual setup: no, you cannot.

If you have DL2100 with drives and EX4 with drives, you can use the built-in FTP server on EX4 to copy all data from EX4 to DL1200. If you want to go this way, simply avtivate FTP-Server on EX4. Hint: on the thrid page of the settings-dialogue of FTP-Server, you will find FXP File Exchange Protocol option, please activate this for maximum speed (should result in up to 40 Megabyte/s on EX4).

You don’t need to deinstall / reinstall any existing App, the new DL2100 will be recognized from scratch as it is another My Cloud, not a replacement within the software. You would need to change existing network pathes from EX4 to DL2100.

I apologize as I failed to mention I am moving over just 2 drives from my EX4 to the DL2100, and they are both formatted as JBOD.
How does this impact the transition and suggestions? Thanks again.

two JBOD drives will work seamlessly, even if you woul dhave the two drive in RAID 1 will work. You can swicth the drives.

Absolutely correct, although I was first a little to see the dreaded red lights on the drive volumes when I first booted up.
However, if you open Dash board, you get a message asking to allow the roaming (?) make the transition to the new drives and within a few seconds, all was fine. Amazingly simple.
Just a little additional info in case someone else runs into the same scenario…
One other minor point…when I had the EX4 with initially 2 red drives and added a 3rd, I kept getting the red light on the Volume 3 (it was in the tired position). Even Tech Support said it might be a bad drive, so I replaced with another, and same thing. Finally solved issue be removing the first 2 drives, putting the new drive in the first slot, and letting it do its thing.
Then put the 2 older drives in their respective slots (1&2), and the new drive in 3rd slot, and no more red lights…HOWEVER, the drive volume numbers were re-assigned, and have remained that way when I put the first and second drive from the EX4 into the new DL2100. So under Shares, drive 1 is listed as Volume_2 and drive 2, is listed as Volume_1.
Sure wish there were a way to get them back to Volume 1 being Drive 1, and Volume 2 being Drive 2…if anyone has any ideas.

These are simply naming conventions of the drive names from their former locations. Shut down the unit, switch the drive’s positions and problem should be solved.