Upgrade drive size on MyCloud EX2 Ultra

I want to change out my drives for larger capacity, is there a utility available to copy an old drive from a caddy onto the new drives or please outline another method for this purpose.

No utilities can do that. If your device set up a RAID 0 or JBOD, then made sure to copy the data to another devices before swap out the drives. If you use RAID 1 then just replace one drive and do a RAID rebuild, after REbuild completed replace the other drive and do a Rebuild. Finally you can do RAID 1 space expansion. HTH

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Hello Jebusx,

I have a Raid 1 setup and wanting to upsize the drives. I read both drives had to be the same size, from your reply, this is not needed or true?
So I can insert my 1Tb drive and swap out the other drive with the new 4 Tb drive, and rebuild?
then replace the 1TB drive with the second 4TB drive and rebuild again?
I am not familiar with the space expansion or even how to rebuild a Raid, pretty green here.

Yup, that’s how you do it. Let me find the manual page link for you on how to do a Rebuild and expand RAID drive size.

RAID Rebuild should be automatic or you can to it manually from the My Cloud Main menu page in the RAID tab.

Go to andrep182 on how to expand RAID 1 drive size

  • get to My Cloud main menu
  • click on ‘storage’
  • Under ‘Raid’ tab by ‘RAID Volume’, pick ‘Change RAID Mode’
  • It’ll warn you that it’ll interrupt the current services. Press ‘continue’
  • Pick RAID 1 and you should see ‘Expand Capacity’ option

Why does the software tell me all my data will be lost when doing above?
|Switch to RAID 1|
||You are about to re-format the hard drive(s). All data will be erased. Do you want to continue?|

You should not get that message if you do an expansion. It looks like you are converting from JBOD or RAID 0 to a RAID 1. Maybe you should contact WD support to walk you through step by step to expand your RAID 1 capacity.

I just purchased 2 x 6 TB WD Red Plus HD to upgrade my MyCloud EX2 Ultra, currently running 2 x 2 TB WD Red HD, in RAID 1.
So, I’ll let you know very shortly if this is as simple as presented!

Thanks for sharing this, it really helped me make a decision between upgrading HD or buying a new NAS completely.

UPDATE: I want to report that this process works but I’d like to highlight a few points

  1. When you get to the expand dialog box, the system expects you to move the slider to the desired value (I first missed this). So, move the slider all the way to the right, if you want to use all the drive space
  2. Whatever your language, set the parameters to English otherwise it might truncate messages, making it difficult to know what it says.
  3. This process works (replace “manually” each drive, rebuild, expand) but the system would guide you to do it when you go to “change raid mode”, “expand”. The default option is to let the system tell you when to remove/insert drives 1 and then 2. I’m sure it does the exact same thing, but it is more guided.
  4. For 2x2TB drives, it took about 8-10 hours for each drive to rebuild. Then maybe 10-12 hours to expand in 2x6TB.