Update not downloading

There is a new update available but it will not download

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If you are talking about the firmware you can manually download it from here and manually upload it from the dashboard.

My preference is to download the FW, unzip and copy FW to an SD card I use for this purpose, and with MPW off, insert the SD card and then turn on MPW. Works every time. The SD Card install Method is described in complete user manual and in online instructions…

I tried that. The drive just sits there. Does not update the firmware. Any ideas?

Below, are the exact WD instructions for installing FW from an SD card. Check what you are doing for each step, exactly. Also, if you already installed this way before, successfully (or maybe even unsuccessfully) there is a file added to the “update” folder that indicates the FW update was successful. If this file is in there, it will not upgrade again unless you delete this file. So, use an empty SD card, delete all folders and files on card if necessary, and start over. This SD card method works perfectly for me.

How to Install the Product Update: SD

  1. Download the firmware to your desktop.
  2. Unzip the file and you will find the actual firmware in this format: MyPassportWireless_x.bin.
  3. Format an SD card FAT-32.
  4. Create a folder on the SD card named “update”.
  5. Copy the MyPassportWireless_x.bin file into the “update” folder.
  6. Turn OFF the My Passport Wireless.
  7. Insert the SD Card.
  8. Turn ON the My Passport Wireless.
  9. The My Passport Wireless will boot up, then will start flashing a White LED while the update is happening.
  10. Once the update is complete the LED will return to the normal ON state.