Update Frequency?

I just got my WD TV Live Plus last week.

How is their firmware support?  How frequent have updates been coming?

Are there any rumors/leaks as to what might be included in the next update?

*in general* there’s an update once a month or so, to every other month.  But no guarantees.

One firmware each month.But now from firmware 1.05.04 more than one month passed and maybe they will release a new firmware in some days(2 motnhs after 1.05.04) and i hope to a good firmware without all that bugs that exist in 1.05.04.

To answer the second part of your question, no, WD does not release any information on what will be included in the next update, or when it will be released. There is almost never any advance information so there are almost never any rumors/leaks.

What would be nice is if Western Digital finally added Amazon Video on Demand. There have been a lot of people asking for it. If they finally added in support for Amazon, I’d probably dump PlayOn, which I use on the Live Plus to watch Amazon Video On Demand (and sometimes Hulu).

One can only dream :wink: