Firmware release frequency

Does anyone know how often a new firmware firmware is released for WD LIVE products?


Check the ANNOUNCEMENTS section of the community.   You’ll see all the release dates for all the products back to about 2009.

Never… This product is finished.

Why would this be a “finished” product?

Because of  this.

Yep that’s how I see it as well. Only the HUB and SMP seemed to be supported at this point. I don’t expect any new firmware for G1 G2, LIVE or LIVE PLUS products in the future.

Well, yeah, the G1 and G2 were moved to “Legacy” status long ago.

The Live and Live+ haven’t… at least, yet…

I don’t think that firmware support is over yet…Bill_S (the forum community manager) has said a couple of times in the ‘Request Official Response’  thread that he thinks there will be at least one more firmware release. In that same thread he also stated that if firmware support will stop he would let us know. Hopefully, WD will fix some of the major issues before abandoning firmware support.

Here is the thread that I referred to:

Official Response Thread

Sorry my bad… I put this topic in a wrong forum area. I actually was referring to WD Live SMP.

I hope for getting quality firmware on this product… yeah…  I’m naive… 

I’m very confident that there’ll be more updates for the WD TV SMP.  :smiley:


Bill_S, I have gave you a kudo for winding-up us Live & Live + users. lol

Ah, thanks.  I haven’t heard anything, yet, on the Live and Live+.  So, I’m just as hopeful (especially since I have one that I use all the time, myself).

So if there is indeed to be 1 more update what’s going to be done to fix what it ultimately breaks?  Every update that’s ever happened has created new issues.  I still refuse to use the most current because of the incredible lag (push pause and 3 seconds later it pauses for example).  It was released in August.

I hope going forward they just scrap new “features” and focus on making it work better in it’s core functions.  I wouldn’t however, mind them adding metadata support.

Same here, I also hope the incredible lag when pressing buttons will be fixed. I am still using the previous firmware because it is a total deal breaker IMO.

Aleast for SMP, it does look like the release frequency is about 1 month which I think is cool. I do hope bugs/issues will be fixed and  new bug free features will be added :slight_smile: