Unique drive names for RAID 1 Configuration (MY Book Duo 6Tb)

I just recently purchases a My Book Duo (6TB) which i set up for mirror drive. When I look at my pc configuration, i now have two drives with the same name (My Book Duo E:). I didn’t think that you could have two drives with the same name. I wanted to use this drive as primary storage for my photos. Can i just copy the photos to one of the drive locations, and set up the mirror back up to copy this correctly? Where can i find instructions on how to use this set up effectively? Thanx for any help

Hi there,

Normally RAID 1 works like a normal drive what happens is that if you have 2 3TB drives the init will work like a single 3 TB drive instead of 6 TB, all the data on drive A which is 3 TB will be on B which is also 3 TB so this way it will be mirrored.

Hope this helps.