Unable to View my files and folders copied to WD Passport

Dear all,

Six months ago, I backed up my files and folders from Dell Laptop (hard disk) to WD Passport. I was able to transfer files and folders successfully and view them later on WD.

Later, I changed my hard disk to an SSD type on the same Dell laptop. After changing the hard disk to an SSD, I tried to view my backup again on WD Passport, but the files and folders were not found. However, I can see the backed-up files and folders on my colleagues laptops and also on desktop computers.

I tried to open WD passport files on my Macbook, but I am unable to see the files on my Macbook either.

I need your kind advice and help to sort out my issue.

Hi @Dr.Santhana,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi, Thanks for the support.

Do you mean about the WD CD? I lost the CD associated with WD. kindly advice further.

If your drive is showing data on your colleagues then the best option would be to take backup of the data on some other drive and then consult the support for the drive you are facing problem with. You can even try a few solutions to make it work, firstly make sure your WD Passport is formatted as NTFS or exFAT (compatible with Windows). Update USB drivers in Device Manager, run a disk check using Command Prompt (type chkdsk X: /f), and assign a drive letter in Disk Management if needed. Try different USB ports and cables for connectivity. These steps should help you view your backed-up files on your Dell laptop without issues.