Access files backed up on my passport on a new laptop

i backed up files from a laptop to my passport. that laptop died. now trying to access those files on another laptop, cannot figure out a way to do it. WD Backup is installed. not finding those old backups. the other laptop is running an older version of windows than the laptop that died. plz help.


Make sure that you are using the same backup software that you were using on the old computer. If you were using a different one, you wont be able to see the backup.

Thanks. Can you clarify please? I’m using WD Backup now. No idea what the software was when it was backed up originally. I just plugged it in and it started up.

Mark Erdman - Structura

Hello, try to access your Passport and check if you have a folder called WD Back up.swstor or WD Smartware.swstor