Unable to Update firmware from version 02.10.09-124

I have a My Book Live and it is running firmware version 02.10.09-124. I understand this is way out of date but when I check for updates on the dashboard it says “your firmware is up to date”. Is there a way to manually update the firmware?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

You can update manually by going into the MyBookLive UI > System > Updates > Update from File

Here is the download link for the latest Firmware, 02.43.10-048:


Once it’s downloaded, select it after clicking on “Update from File”

I updated a few weeks ago and since then I have had an issue with the device being unable to sleep.

Another person reported a similar issue here


Not sure if it’s definitely caused by the latest firmware or another factor but just a heads up incase your device happens to be the same after updating.

I’d recommend ensuring you have a backup before attempting a manual firmware update, just in case.