Have MyBookLive firmward 01.02.03 - Cannot update Firmware

As per your website, I cannot manually download the firmware file to update my NAS drive.  I went to: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5735 and selected “Update using the Dashboard - Software Release 1.X” > “Click Here for Instructions.” Next, I followed the steps that were given.  After clicking “Check for Updates” a modal element takes over the page and says “Please wait…”.  The process seems to hang here.  It’s probably worth saying that it has a working connection to high speed internet, and I’ve attempted to perform this task many times, spanning multiple days.  Please advise.

That’s a very old firmware. It is dated 18 Oct 2010. Wth the Ver 01 firmwares you had to update to the last ‘01’ release before being able to update to the ‘02 firmware releases. That last ‘01’ firware was Ver 01.05.07’ dated 14 Jul 2011. If what was true back then is still true today, you will have to update (probably manually) to that last ‘01’ release prior to being able to update to an ‘02’ firmware version.

That last Ver 01 firmware is still available at:


Once you get that last ‘01’ manually installed, the machine might be able to update automatically to an ‘02’ version. I’m guessing that that might also be a two step process to get to the latest stable ‘02’ firmware.