Unable to update firmware for my WD My Book 3TB on mac

The current firmware is 1050 and everytime the drive is connected a notification of firmware 1065 available comes up. I click to update, everything seems OK until it asks to power cycle the drive then restart the system. After doing that it detects that there is the same new firmware available to update.

You can check the device firmware version on your Mac to see if the drive is already updated to 1065. Click on the Apple icon of the top left the screen, go to “About this Mac”. It will open a window. Click on “System Report” then click on USB of the left tab. Under the USB Device Tree, click on your device. Below that window you will see “Version: .

If the version is still 1050 then check if your device is lock. If it is not lock then try to manually download the FWupdater app to manually update the drive.

Still the same Version 10.50 after upgraded with the FWUpdater. Weird, it doesn’t show an error, it says that the upgrade was successful and after power cycle the same version comes up and that’s why it keeps telling me there is a new version.

If you have a PC “Windows” you can try to update from there to see if you got the same issue. If yes the call WD support for trouble. The only I could think of is your drive is lock. But if the drive is lock it will tell you to unlock first. What is OSX version all you using and what is the device Product ID:

They all should under about This Mac and under the USB tab

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3
My Book 1230 Product ID: 0x1230

Yup, you should contact WD Support to check their update server. My Book 1230 should be able to update to 1065. Sorry I could not help much.

No worries, thank you!