UNABLE TO UNLOCK MyBookLive ONLY (Network Drive)

I talk about MyBookLive and no other product. So I’m not interested about comment concerning other products.



3. Network drives such as the My Book Live that include the WD SmartWare software do not have a VCD. Because there is no VCD, these instructions do not apply to the product.

Following link talk about unlock but it’s not for MyBookLive. So for that I create on for it.


So don’t talk about VCD with MyBookLive.

But in this case does it mean we can’t unlock this drive?

I really don’t understand when we are a big company like Western Digital that we can sell bad product like MyBookLive  ( MBL )

So guys at this company don’t make their job correctly and quality service don’t exist so.

I buy MyBookLive (1 TB – Network Drive) recently and try to install it.

I follow ALL what WD say but I never able to use this product.

The MBL stay all time LOCK and don’t find something to unlock it.

When I install stuff on CD all work correctly.

I can run WD Quick View and WD Smartware (it’s ironical to call that Smart).

I can run the Dashboard and select options there (Settings, Users, Shares, Backups, Support).

I run the Diagnostic Test (quick and long) and no error there.

I Create Shortcut with WD Quick View. When I press this shortcut sometime I see something other time nothing.

I can run the firmware (1.6.2) update with no problem.

If I run Smartware I just see few options there and it’s impossible (before and after update the firmware) to UNLOCK MBL.

Again I really don’t understand how we can sell a product like that without any kind of quality service (hardware/software).

Maybe WD want to create a so “secure” hard drive that nobody can access it!



MyBookLive NEED the Windows Services
to WORK.

Thanks a lot to Vishnyakov!!!

See his link:


So I must admit I was the problem. Western Digital makes a good product and I’m glad I bought this product.
I even tried my iPad # 3 using the free program from WD “WD 2go” and everything works perfectly!

You have amazingly explainly the stiuation. I have the same problem, did you able to solve the problem?