Mybooklive Duo Smartware - drive locked?

Has anyone else encountered this? In the smartware when I click on the Mybooklive icon it says the drive is locked and that I need to enter a User Name and Password. However, I never entered a User Name??? Any ideas how to fix this?


smartware gives you the ability to encrypt the drive but I’m not sure this feature works on network drives

are you connecting to a private folder ?

I have full access to my public folders. This is when you open smartware and you need to click on the image of the mybooklive duo. That image has a lock on it and when clicked, it prompts me for a user name and password. It started to happen about 2 weeks after purchase, and twice the lock has gone away and the drive says it is doing a full backup (from scratch). Then after a few days the lock is back.

Appreciate any thoughts.