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I am storing all of my AV content on a MBL and wish to use the My Cloud app on my iPad 4 to throw video to my HD TV via Apple TV. I’ve media shifted some movies and they play on my PC and using FileBrowser from Stratospherix instead of My Cloud. But when I try to stream them using the My Cloud app I get the error “Unable to play this media file”. By the way, during the rip I also produced 30s preview versions which stream OK. So, is there a size limit on the files that can be streamed with this app? Seems like it might not be coping with anything over 4GB. Or can anyone else think of what is going wrong here.

Thanks … in hopeful anticipation.


Are the 30 second preview files in the same format as the full length files? If using the WD My Cloud Twonky media server to dish up the media then you may want to ensure the media files are in a format the Twonkey media server will support. See the following link for Twonky supported file types:

Supported file types for streaming on Twonky Media Server on a My Book Live, My Book World, or WD ShareSpace

If using the iTunes server on the WD My Cloud to serve up the files ensure the media files are in a format the iTunes server and iTunes app on the Apple device will support.

If the file types are the same and only the smaller preview file plays, then its possible the problem may lie with the media player used to play the media file on the Apple device. If possible try to play the larger media files on another device (like a computer) to ensure the file is playable. If so that would point to a problem with either the media player on the Apple device or with the network connection between the device and the WD My Cloud. It is possible there may be a file size limitation with the Appple media player app. It is also possible that trying to play a large file over a WiFi connection may problematic and may fail if the file is too large.

Thanks, Bennor.

Yes, the formats are the same.

I’m now convinced the issue is that the My Cloud app has a limitation on file size as I can play media that have been created in an identical manner provided the file size does not exceed 4GB.

All the files play OK on my Windows PC and they play fine on the iPad and the Apple TV if I use the File Browser app rather than the My Cloud app.

By the way, I think I’ve posted this to the wrong board so if any mods are reading this, please could it be moved to the board that addresses the My Cloud app rather than the My Cloud device. My files are stored on a MBL.


I’m not sure for the Apple WD app, for Android WD app I’m able to stream media larger than 4gb, 15gb if that matter even over 4G mobile network.

I raised a support ticket on this.

The result is that I understand that (i) the MyCloud app was not intended as a ‘full on’ streaming app and (ii) it uses the WebDAV protocol that imposes a 4GB limitation.

I was pleased with the way the ticket was handled, but disappointed with the answer.

Seems to me that ‘full on’ streaming is just what the app should be delivering and that using DLNA might be a step forward as the other option (downloading the content to the iPad) is not a good one given the limited storage capacity of any iPad especially compared with the amound of content that can be stored on a MBL.

So, might be time to petition the developers for some changes …

Meantime, if anyone else experiences the same problem, at least we now know why.

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I don’t have an answer for you, but I can tell you that support is off the mark.

I don’t think the My Cloud app uses WebDAV.    WD 2go.com web access does, but not the apps.

The 4GB limitation on WebDAV is only a Microsoft limitation, not Apache nor Apple limitation.

My largest movie file is Avatar which is 4.6 GiB and it streams fine via the app to my iPhone.


I just wanted to say. Shame on file size for your version of the movie “Avatar”. :slight_smile:

I bet 4.6gb doesnt do justice to the quality. I have a 27GB version of that movie. Yes, that is a ridiculous size but the quality is straight up bueray.  :stuck_out_tongue:

alirz1 wrote:

I have a 27GB version of that movie. Yes, that is a ridiculous size but the quality is straight up bueray.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, sure, so do I.   But that doesn’t stream well across cellular data.  :)

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Hi Tony

I think you have helped me before and I trust your advice.

I’ll consider re-opening my support ticket, but it will be tricky to do so without telling them they don’t don’t what they’re talking about!

I have posted a request for the developers to enhance the app by moving from WebDAV to DLNA, so perhaps that will do the trick.

Thanks for your input, as always.


The only purpose of the WD app (IMHO) is for remote access, and DLNA won’t work remotely…

For local access, I use any one of a number of UPnP/DLNA apps (loads for Android, not so common for iOS).

I think WD support ought to be used to being told they don’t know what they’re talking about…

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Thanks - makes sense, but seems a shame there is no app from WD to facilitate streaming locally.

Still in discussion with WD Support on this issue …