WD My Cloud apps do not stream music or videos

I’ve got a 2 TB My Cloud and it has served me well up until now.  

None of the apps (Ipad, Iphone, Android) allow me to stream music or videos.

For videos, on all devices that are not on my local network, I get errors that the file cannot be played. For Apple devices the loading screen just spins, and on Android i get a “cannot play file” error.  This is true for devices on 4G networks as well.

For audio, similar results.  The built-in WD app music player will not load the song.

I can download videos and music from within the apps but it will not stream. 

On my local network all these devices work fine.  I have DHCP enabled, port forwarding confirmation on the UI, Twonky server working fine, I can stream from DLNA devices in house but not outside.

Any suggestions to support me and my 15000 devices connected to my cloud would be appreciated.

PS: I’ve seen this issue before on an earlier firmware version, so if I can revert to an older firmware without losing my registered activation codes, I would be willing to try.

WDMyCloud v04.01.02-417 is the current firmware I have on the device.


I believe will be good if you contact WD Support directly for assistance on this case.

I was able to restore streaming for videos and music, but at a price.  I had to lose all my cloud codes that connected to other devices.  I had at least 150 connections to other devices.  There may be a limit in the software coding that doesnt allow for streaming once you’ve reached 100 users, or maybe it’s a bug that happens over time.  I’m not sure.

But I also had lost access to the dashboard. But perfoming the reset restored dashboard access.  The way i got it back:

  1. Unplug the MyCloud device.

  2. Press and hold the reset button (on the back of the MyCloud device) for 40 seconds while power is off (using a T4 screw bit or a thin nail to press the button)

  3. Plug in power while still holding button for another 30 seconds.  Indicator light will start flashing 2x per second.

  4. After 5 mins plug unit back into router, or directly to PC ethernet (if you wanna check interface directly instead of waiting for the network to validate the IP address)

  5. Light goes blue, Dashboard restored, all shares and files in tact, cloud access revoked for all users lol but at least it’s not a brick.