Unable to obtain IP address

Help! I’ve read through all of the posts similar to this, but can’t seem to get mine to work.

If I try to connect to the internet (while wired via ethernet cable) I get a message that says ‘unable to obtain IP address’

If I try to connect to the internet manually (while wired via ethernet cable) I get a green check next to IP address but 2 red marks next to DNS & internet connection. Here are my inputs:

IP address:

Subnet mask:



What am I doing wrong? Help!

A question for you. Do you have other computers getting to the internet from your home network?

The setup you put in is pretty standard for an internal home network. You said that your HUB cannot obtain an IP adress though. I assume that your HUB is not directly connected to the Internet, so that would mean that your router needs to be assigning these internal network adresses. Do you have other computers on this subnet that are dynamicaly getting adresses and then getting to the Internet? If not, is your router setup as a DHCP server to assign them? In theory your router (or possibly a server) should be assigning internal adresses and then translating them to an external adress that is used on the Internet.

If you have other computers that are getting adresses and getting to the net… time to start troubleshooting your router/firewall.


I downloaded new firmware for my router and it works! Woo!