Having trouble obtaining IP address and connecting

Hello all,

I just purchased my WD TV live. When I connect it via Ethernet cable to my router, it works perfectly. When I try to connect using my wireless D-link 140 USB adapter (On the list) I can get so far, but tunable o obtain an IP address. Clicking automatic search results in an error obtaining IP address. I have also been unsuccesful manually entering an IP address.

The router I am using is a D-link 825.

Appreciate any help

Do you have any other Wireless clients using the same wireless connection successfully?

It sounds like the D-Link 140’s wireless security parameters aren’t correct.   You have to make sure the SSID (“network name”) and WPA or WEP (whatever you’re using on the router) security settings are EXACTLY correct.  

Do you have MAC address filtering enabled on your router?

I forgot about that on my router and spent 5 minutes confused why it wouldn’t work.  

Found a new MAC address in the router’s block list and worked out where it was from.  :)

Added the usb adaptor’s MAC to the safe list and suddenly everything went smoothly.

Pixelpower you are da man! Thank you. I never would have thought of that. You saved me many a headache with your solution… Thank you so much!

Thank you for trying to help me too Tonyph

Glad you got it sorted!

Yeah, the WD TV has its own MAC address (for the ethernet port), so it’s not obvious that you’d need to add the USB adaptor MAC too.

I’m just glad my router logs MAC addresses, otherwise I’d still be sitting in front of the TV swearing.  :D