Unable to add music selections to playlist

I have a MAC

I and select and drag selections over the playlist but cannot drop the selections onto the playlist. Please help.

Where is the playlist located? Are there any instruction for doing this for the My Cloud?

I make random auto-playlists in m3u format, put playlists on my My l, and can play them with the proper apps for so doing.

All of my music and the playlists are located on a My Cloud NAS drive. I am using the WD My Cloud App running on my IMAC. It provides the ability to create new playlists. However, although you are supposed to be able to drag and drop the music selections to the playlist, you can select a music file and drag it over the playlist but cannot drop it.

What software do you use to create your playlists.

I use the iTunes program on PC to make playlists and copy them to a folder on my PC and NAS, On my NAS I have a copy of the entire iTunes Media folder with my music albums and files .The iOS My Cloud app cannot play from playlistsls; in fact most iOS apps cannot do this, but Android apps can, so one way of playing the playlists is with an Android app on my Fire HD tablet.

There is one iOS app for my iOS phone and tablet that can play the playlists called Belkin MediaPlay, it is free and it is good. The playlists I mostly make are a random 100 track playlist and come from a curated library of iTunes called a Smart Lbrary from all the iTunes tracks where stuff I don’t want (such as podcasts) are left out.)

I looked in the My Cloud app and could not find where/how to make playlists, but then I don’t care since I make them in iTunes.