Unable to access my music folder with SONOS

Hi all

I last came here around two years ago while struggling to obtain a connection between my SONOS home music network and the music library stored on my WDMycloud device, and so after relocating I’m back in the same predicament (boy do I wish i’d made a note of the file path before disconnecting everything) and would really appreciate some help.

From memory I wound up using the IP address of the NAS device instead of a name (or maybe I was wrong), as I had reserved the address on my Google wifi network, and having checked it this is still the same in terms of the device, however I don’t know how to enter the IP address as a file path, while I have also tried the usual suspects (\wdmycloud\music and so on) without success.

I have also searched the web for various threads but still nothing works so could anybody here help me?

Did you bump into this article from WD? https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15790

If you are only using one backslash at the beginning that could be the problem. You’ll need 2 back slashes.

I don’t have any Sonos devices but looking at the path you tried (\wdmycloud\music) I know that wouldnt work for me because my music is stored in a public folder: \\wdmycloud\public\music\

[Edit] It is the forum that is causing the single backslash issue :slight_smile:

You can also try adding “.local” to your wdmycloud device name, this gives me good results when browsing from a Mac: \\wdmycloud.local\public\music takes me to my music folder

Hi there

I’ve tried just about every combination (\\wdmycloud\music, \\wdmycloud\music\itunes, \\WDMycloud\shared\music etc.) and none of them work, it just says ‘computer wdmycloud could not be found’.

It’s exasperating because I’m convonced the IP address method worked, yet I can’t remember how I did it, but then again it’s been a while so as before, I could be wrong.

Note: I also tried your suggestions but to no avail.

Problem solved.

I just needed to enter //192.68.xx.xx/music and it immediately connected.

Very happy indeed, and hopefully this comment will help others in a similar situation.