Unable to access all files in My Cloud shared files

I have a WD My Cloud network attached storage setup on an internal network. It is setup to be connected to Active Directory and each user had specific access set on the folders in the drive.

Since about 3 days after a password was changed on AD and the drive lost connection to Active Directory, we reset the connection to AD on the drive and it is working with AD now.

But since then almost all the users lost access to their files on the shared folder and only 1 user has full access to all files and is the owner of all files (which is a random user) although there are still some subdirectories she does not have access to. So I logged on to her account and attempted to give full access to the administrator user of this system (not the actual Administrator account) although even though she has full access and is the owner it says she doesnt have permission to change the owner or give full access.

I then ssh’ed into the WD drives and did chmod 777 -R /shares/SharedFolder (I know this is not a good idea although right now any access is better than security as our network is very closed) and that allows full access to the files in FTP although still issues accessing certain subfolders and files.

Any suggestions?

The issue was that it was no longer connecting to Active Directory. I simply fixed the connection and everything works.