Type of Cable needed on WD6000H1U-00

Does anyone know the type of cable needed to connect to this external WD HD? I still have the drive and psu, but I’m gonna need to find the cable from somewhere. It’s an old port that I don’t recognize any longer, and can’t find anything on the site about it.

would help if you could post a photo of the port/back of the unit

having a difficult time with google to identify the drive based on the model number.

if it’s a USB drive … it could be any of these

If it’s super old … then 2.0B

If it’s old … then Mini 5

If it’s recent … then 2.0 Micro

If it was bought yesterday … then C

I have a WD5000H1U-00 500GB pretty sure the one you have is 600GB. The cases and connectors and power supplies are the same. It’s a Mini 5 connection.

Thank you both, indeed it looks like a mini 5 cable.