Twonky Woes After App update

I have the Ex2 Ultra and have hit a problem with Twonky. (Its Os5 and the firmware is 5.11.112)

Was wondering if anyone can help please, I recently got a notification to update Twonky.

I did, and my god I wish I hadn’t. So the the App was updated but now cant access via the DNLA enabled TV or Vero 4k stream box I have. Checked the config on the the device page and see this -


When I go to the Dashboard and click on App settings and configure it takes me to the device web page , but its blank. However if I click on Run App and change it to off, then click on configure the web page actually reports something back to me…


Its like turning it on and off gets it to run for a bit then stops again. Maybe the service starts and then stops straight away, not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this and maybe knows a solution?

See this prior discussion where a similar issue was mentioned. Don’t think they fixed the issue in OS5, rather they may have downgraded back to the OS3 firmware.

Twonky not working after OS5 upgrade

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@wisbeech are you talking about Twonky App Update or entire My Cloud OS 5 update?
If just Twonky App, try this:

  • uninstall the current version of Twonky (8.5.2-3)
  • download this previous version (8.5.1-2) and do the Manual App Install method and let us know the results


it was just Twonky that was causing the problem.

So i tried what you suggested and its the exact same, seems to start, then stops seconds later.

Any other ideas?

Just keep getting this -


@wisbeech steps to delete the Twonky Database and Configuration files are located in the article listed below. Of course you could also use WinSCP to delete the files as well.

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings

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