Twonky / Sony - what video formats?


I’m trying to stream media from my 1TB My Book NAS to a Sony BDPS370 Blu Ray player. Photos work fine and I’ve tried .avi, .mkv, .mov, and .mp4 format video files and I always get, ‘there is no playabe file’.

So what format DOES work?


What are you .avi coded with? If they are MS MPEG .avi’s then they won’t work, neither will your .mkv’s since that is not supported either on the PS3. I doubt .mov is supported either since that is a QT format and most liekly your .mp4 are also formatted for an iPod.

Twonky will not do any transcoding during streaming, it relies on the endpoint to perform that operation.

Best bet, try MKV2VOB to remux your .mkv files and see if your PS3 will play it then. Otherwise you may have to download a free transcoder and recode all your movies to a format supported by the PS3. Try recoding to Xvid or Divx .avi’s using AutoGK.

Thanks. I used Divx Converter in the end (Mac) - works a charm!


interesting for me, thanks

I’ve ended up going the transcoding route via a PC (defeats the object of the NAS, I know).  I’m using Serviio - it works a treat.

roger06 wrote:

Thanks. I used Divx Converter in the end (Mac) - works a charm!


Hi - Can you tell us what you converted to that worked? I’m having the same issue.