Two drives to be backed up to My Passport Ultra

I have two drives which I wish to back up.
C: is eMMC 32GB and E: CD card 32GB.
Auto back up will read from C: but can I also auto back up from E: ?
If so how ?


You need to make two partitions on your backup drive; one for C: and one for E:. I suggest you include the drive letters in each of the new partitions for clarity: Say Backup C: and Backup E:. (Use Disk Management in Computer Management.) You may have to Erase the drive using WD Dive Utilities.

Now when you open WD Backup you will see the two backup drives. You select one and specify the files you want from each PC drive. (I suggest omitting the Program files on C: drive until you know how much space you need for each.)

I hope this helps.


GREAT! Many thanks for such a clear explanation.
All I need to do now is find a nice calm time to do it.

Tim Warren

You are welcome.

Right now I’m having some trouble backing up my SSD (118 GB) on C:.
Backup Says " Preparing Backup …" but never seems to finish.


So far - so good.

Partitions created with labels as suggested (did not like a colon though).

Unfortunately, WD Smartware > Home does not pick up Drive E: (an SD card) for the Back Up Source. The drop down box contains only Windows C:, Backup C (D:) and Backup E (F:).

Windows does however pick up Drive E: in the File Explorer list, so this looks like a WD shortcoming.

Any idea if I can force WD software to recognize the SD card Drive E:? ( I have drifted away from the original topic now).

I have just tried a memory stick in the PC Drive G: but this has not been recognized by WD either. Perhaps this is more to do with the PC than the external disk.

Sorry, I can not help with your 118 GB SSD - that is Big Boys stuff, could it just need time?

OK, good.

Smartware does not see my USB memory stick either.

Can you copy the contents of your Drive E to C and then to Backup E (F:)?

I lost C: on Backup! OK on Smartware.



It is reassuring to know that your USB stick is also not recognized - at least I am not alone. I guess the same applies to CD cards.

My C: drive has 32 GB of storage, half of which is System and practically all the rest programmes and bits and pieces, that is why I have to use the SD card for ‘working’ data files ( which I would obviously like to back up).

I will shuffle stuff from C: onto the card and try to get my data files onto C: where they can be auto backed up. I have been uncertain about putting programmes onto the card up until now.

It sounds as if you are also having to spend time shunting things around - best of luck.

Thanks again for your help



You need another hard drive on your PC. All my working data files are on
a 1TB WD drive with 3 partitions. Only odd s and ends plus programs go
on the small C drive.