My Passport Ultra: Possible Backup More Than One Partition?

Just bought a 2TB MPU and have discovered it cannot backup my laptop’s single drive with 2 partitions without manually switching the partitions.  Is there a workaround other than having to manually switch partitions daily?!?

Note: My old ClickFree drive backs up multiple partitions automatically. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll remove the WD so-called SmartWare from my MPU and replace it with ClickFree’s truly automatic backup software.

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Try changing the backup mode from category backup to file backup. If this does not work for you then replacing WD SmartWare with a backup application more suited to your personal needs would be the next step.

Thanks, Trancer. I’ve been doing some tests:

I set up WD SmartWare to Category backup both partitions of the same drive. These show up as C:\ and D:. Then I added a test Word file to each partition and even though only one partition is selected in the Home tab and the Backup tab, it appears that the software automatically backs up both partitions eventhough only one is selected on the Home tab. I’ll test it more thoroughly soon, but hopefully this is the case.

Will keep ya posted.

Just to follow-up. It turns out that WD SmartWare is smarter than I first thought: It backs up on a schedule I’ve set both for C:\ and D:\ partitions of the single drive. At first it appeared that only one or the other drive was chooseable from the drop-down menu but not both. However, it turns out that they are simply set up as different backup profiles with their own schedule. So one could set C:\ for continuous backup and D:\ for every night at 8pm. Other software like ClickFree disregards partitions and backs up everything under one profile.

WD SmartWare took some time to figure out what was going on, but so far everything works great :slight_smile:

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