SmartWare will not remember partition for backup location

I have a MY Passport Ultra with two Partitions; one for archiving and another for SmartWare to back up files to.  I set the backup location to the backup partition from the Home Tab but Smart Ware keeps backing up to the other one which runs out of space.   Windows is assigning an earlier letter (G) to the archive and the backup gets G.

I feel like the only way to get it to backup to the proper location is to do it manually.

Can you please help me with this?



Have you tried changing the drive letter to the partition you have created for the backup?


I was considering that but was hoping for a application based solution.  Will give it a try and post back


I changed the drive letters so that the Archive partition was after the backup but the application still wants to back up to the wrong partition.  I also deleted thje WD SmartWare.swstor folder and it still thinks that there is a full backup on that drive.  Are there any other files on it tthat I could delete?  Otherwise I am going to go back to Windows.