Newbe needs some help

Hi I have never been to a forum  …I have a “My Passport”  2tb  drive and would like to do my 1st backup using the WD Smartware to backup.( I have previously backed up  using other methods but with  unsatisfactory results)

I can see how the basics work and understand if I was backing up C drive… however I would like to also backup D & E drives  My question is  can I make 1 backup to do the 3 drives or do I need to make 3 seperate backups  1 for each drive.  My 1st observation is  I can not combine backing up the  3 drives  into 1 file ???

Sorry the question  is basic, I dont want to stuff up my 1st backup  or only do 1 when 3 might be needed.

Thank you to anyone who can help

Hi there, welcome to the WD Community.

You can create different backup jobs to each drive, on the home just select the correct drive and create the backup.

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