How to automate backup of both built in C drive and SD drive living as E

My momma always told me there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.  I guess that’s me!

Really simple question but I can’t seem to find a result despite various searches.

I ahve a Dell Venue Pro 11. It has a built in 128gb solid state drive that is addressed as C. It also has an SD slot that I have a 128k SD card in that is addressed as E which is use as overflow (most of my user created files are on E, but some are also on C.  I have a Passport Ultra 1TB externa.  I simply want to automate the backup of both drives or volumes.

I’ve found articles about backing up multiple computers (up to 3 I think) on a single drive, but nothing about backing up multiple drives on a single pc to a single Passport.

I"ve truly appreciate any help, and thanks in advance for your patience.

Welcome to the WD Community.

WD smartware wont allow you to backup multiple locations at the same time.

Not sure if that’s possible with a third party application.