Turning off WD My Passport Ultra

So I recently bought WD My Passport Ultra 4TB. I think is a very typical question but here I am. Any time I want to turn it off or unplug it, I click on eject, but the HDD does not shut down and continue spinning, maintaining the led on. How and when will be completely off? Or is just it works and after clicking on eject I can unplug it although it is spinning?

Windows or Mac?

iMac mid 2011 with High Sierra.

I formatted the HDD to HFS+.

When it is ejected the led is on and every 8 s flashes 4 times then repeat. It dose not cool down and spins continuously.

Ejecting/Safely Removing a USB hard drive stops the computer accessing it.

It doesn’t stop on the 5V on the computers USB ports the drive is connected to. (so, there will be LEDS on and still power to the drive)

Most people when the Eject a hard drive is because they want to remove it … which will 100% power down the drive.

If you Eject a hard drive and leave it plugged in … you’ll have to unplug and plug it back it to access it again or restart the computer.

TLDR: After Ejecting a hard drive … Unplug it.

Plug it back in the next time you want to use it.

When I ejected my HDD shuts down for a second, it stops spinning but then it begins spinning again like it was plug it again.
I try it with a MacBook and when it is ejected it stops spinning and don’t begin again.