Switching off my Ultra external hard drive

Does my Ultra switch off along with the computer and do the lights stay on if connected? Every time I switch the computer off, do I have to “safely disconnect” the Ultra hard drive? Do I have to remove the USB cable every single time.
Yes this is my first external HD and yes I have read the 81 page manual.

At the moment, my newly installed HD sits plugged in to the USB 3.0 and stays lit up even when the computer is switched off.

Well, I got a reply from WD and I quote
“The LED light will remain turned on depending on the power settings of my computer, if the power settings are set to keep the USBs turned on when the computer is off then the lights will remain on.
It’s recommended to safely eject the drive and then disconnect the USB cable from the computer OR the drive”.
That seems simple enough to me but I would welcome any feedback. Until then, I will follow WD’s advice.


I recommend you safely eject the drive before turning off the computer, just like WD support suggested.