Trying to access shares via webdav, please help

My ultimate target is to create a webdav share which I can then use with applications on phone and tablet which have that webdav entry as option.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

  • I’ve setup Dynamic DNS and port forwarding
  • I’ve also extracted the wd2go username and password from Orion.db file after logging in as root

Now my question is, what’s exactly my local Web Dav address?

I’ll setup the external IP on my own, but I need a hint as to what the internal IP address will be like.

Say the local IP address of MyBook Live is So, what will the webdav address be for the share named say “Public” under the user say “test”?

Please help me out if possible.

Thanks in advance.

If you’ve set up the public address and the port forwarding to the MBL then that should be all you need. Use the public address, and then your router should send those WebDAV requests to the MBL which should serve them if everything is correctly set up.

The only internal address you need is for setting up the port forwarding, so your router knows where to forward requests on the relevant ports to.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I’m not sure which port to forward for me to be able to access webdav. Is it port 80?

Thanks again.

To be specific here’s the error that I get when I type



You do not have permission to access /UI on this server

And it autoresolves to http://externalipaddress:8080/UI

Could you please help?
Thanks again.

It’s usually either 80 and 443, or sometimes 8080 and 4443. The former of each pair is for normal (http) and the latter is for secure (https). I know on my MyCloud Mirror you can define which ports you want to use in case you want to customise it, not sure if the MBL can do the same or not.

Also what are you using to view the address? Some web browsers don’t work with WebDAV, you may need a specific WebDAV app or program depending on your OS. For example on Windows I tend to use the CarrotDAV program to view my WebDAV shares.

Thank you again. I could be doing something wrong here.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • I’ve opened ports 80 and 443 on WD MyBook Live (Via the Remote access setting)
  • I’ve opened ports 80 and 443 with respect to the local IP address of MyBook Live on the router
  • I’m trying to login to an app which supports web dav (nPlayer on iOS)
  • I’m using to login using username and password extracted from Orion.db file with respect to WD2go

I however keep getting a time out reached error. Basically the process is failing. It’s awfully rude to keep asking for help, but could you?


Ok, so on being asked username and password, I enter them. They are thereafter accepted and then I get this error.

Could you please let me know how to overcome this?

Huge update!

It’s working! YAY!

For people who’re stuck like me, please use this link and read bourgeoa’s first answer.

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Nice one. And top marks for sharing the solution to help others too :smiley: