Try to access or recover data My book 3.0

My Book 3TB dropped from my desk.

After this I was no longer able to see it available at the “WD Security” window where you put your password to unlock it.

I removed the disk from the MyBook case (the back plastic case) and also removed this adaptor where you plug the usb cord cable and plug to AC and tried to plug directly to my PC motherboard like a regular HD.

I was hoping to this WD Security to recognize it but no again.

Any ideas? I do need to access my data at the disk.


Hi enriqgs,

The warranty will be voided if you remove the drive from the WD My Book Enclosure as it is non user serviceable. For more information about the warranty, you can refer the link mentioned below:

You can try contacting the WD Approved Data Recovery companies from the link given below to recover the data from the drive.