Trouble replacing drives in My Book Studio II

Hi all, i’d been using a My Book Studio II (2 TB) external drive for about 4 years, connected to my iMac through FireWire 800. Lately, the hard disks started having issues, and seeing that newer My Book models don’t have FireWire connectivity, i thought i’d just replace the drives inside. So i bought what i thought were identical HDDs, replaced the old ones inside the case, but when connected, my iMac doesn’t see them/it… The case lights up, and then the top and bottom lights start flashing every second.

I’ve checked this on other computers (mac and pc), same thing.
The hard disks do work if put in other cases, they just won’t work in the My Book Studio II case (and i’m sure there’s no problem with the case itself, if i put the old hard disks inside, my mac sees it and everything works as it’s supposed to).

So now i’m stuck. Is there something else i should do that i’m missing? Or did i get the wrong HDDs? The only difference that i see between the old ones and the new ones is the cache size (32MB the old, 64MB the new ones). Could that be the problem? I can’t find the older models anymore… :weary:


Unfortunately, the enclosure does not support all disk drives. Even cache will affect compatibility, and even with the same base model specs a different firmware revision can also affect the unit.

I’d suggest trying to mix one of the original drives with one of the new drives, rebuild the RAID, insert the second new drive (Removing the original drive) and running a second RAID rebuild. If this does not work then there’s not much else to do.

I see :neutral_face:
Thanks, i will try that!