Transferring from WD My Cloud (single disc) to My Cloud EX2

I currently have a 3TB single disc WD My Cloud NAS. I realize that my data is at risk should something happen to that HDD, so I want to move to a WD My Cloud EX2 to set up RAID 1. My question is: Can I buy the diskless EX2, as well as a 3TB NAS HDD, and take my current 3TB out of the My Cloud and put it into the EX2?


Unfortunately, the initial RAID 1 volume needs to be created from the WD My Cloud EX2.

Additionally, what you are implying involves dismantling your unit, which could damage your hard drive and compromise your data.

For a RAID 1 to work you need 2 disk without any data at same size.

Better get disk version. and then setup as Raid 1 and then move the data and sell the single disk version off.

So that your data is protected and you get some funds for the old one.

It is possible , but it’s quite a complicated procedure…

You basically

Create degraded mirror on new disk. Partition as necessary if you need to have non-LVM volumes, such as /boot.
run pvcreate on the partition(s) (/dev/md0p1, /dev/md0p2, etc)
add partitions to the existing volume group using vgextend.
use pvmove to move the extents from your existing disk to the new one.
use vgreduce to remove the existing disk from the volume group.
reinstall GRUB on the new drive.
add old drive to the raid array. 

to be honest , create a new raid array on 2 empty drives and just copy the files over from your old device would be a lot easier.