Upgrading from EX2 8TB My Cloud To My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 Diskless


I was hoping if there was anyone that could help we this question.

I will be upgrading from a EX2 8TB My Cloud To My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 Diskless. Can i just take both of the Red NAS drives (4TB Each) out of the EX2 and pop them into a 4 bay diskless PR4100 whilst keeping all my data intact? Bear in mind that i have the EX2 set up in RAID 0 (Risky I know!). I then eventually in a few months time, purchase a 4TB WD Red NAS drive and place that in one of the empty 2 drive spaces/slots and use that drive to add more data to.

Is all of the above easily achievable?



You should be able to use your current internal drives in the new WD My Cloud PR4100 Diskless. Please check the link bellow, you might find useful information here:


Ok thanks but I didn’t really find that link all that useful.

Anymore advice would be appreciated.