Transferring files to the USB HD connected to WD LIVE?

If you network the WD TV Live via ethernet cable, is it possible to transfer downloaded files stored on a PC to the hard drive connected to the WD TV Live over the network?  I know that I could share out a directory on the PC and have the WD player access the share or disconnect the drive, copy the files and then hook the drive back up, but I would like to be able to transfer files to the USB HD connected to the WD Live Player over the network. 

Just want to set my expectations on how things will work ahead of time and will probably be ordering one later today.  Thanks ahead of time for any info!

While I’m here, one other question…does the unit output sound over both HDMI and optical out at the same time?  My receiver doesn’t have HDMI input, but it does have optical.  Sometimes I listen to sound on the TV and other times for action movies I’ll use the receiver, sometimes I use both.  Just curious if sound is output through both at the same time or only one or the other.  Thanks again.

Yes, you can also “Share” the WDTV’s USB-attached storage on the network and access it via PCs.

Several people have reported file system corruption by WRITING this way, very likely because they forgot to eject the disc before shutting it down or unplugging it.

Yes, it outputs Digital audio out both the HDMI and “Toslink” ports simultaneously.

Excellent, thanks for the quick response!