Transferring drives from EX2 ro EX4100

I’m looking to upgrade my processing power and have been looking at the diskless EX4100. But I was curious if it’s possible to just migrate the two drivers from my EX2 over to the EX4100 without losing my data. Is this as straightforward as I think it is?


Hello there,

I have not tried this, however there is a chance that you ca get the raid roaming option once you insert the drives on the new enclosure. Lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

You can roam your drives from WD NAS to WD NAS without losing data. Just to make sure to click OK when you log in to Webpage to verify to roam the drives.

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can you detail this a little bit?!
I have a new diskless EX4100 and want to migrate data and drives from my EX4 (4 x 4TB; RAID10) without losing data.

  • change the drives before plugging in the new NAS? or plugging in and configuring first and then changing drives?
  • when to click which OK?
    Thanx for help

Shutdown your EX4 and EX4100. Move the drives from EX4 to EX4100, remember to put the HDDs in the same config slot. Power on your EX4100 then access the Dashboard. There should be an alert do you want to Roam RAID 10.

Thanx a lot. It worked.
I didn’t get an alert concerning the RAID 10…

Your EX4100 probably didn’t configure with any RAID, that could be a reason why you didn’t get the alert.

It now shows RAID 10 - so everything’s fine :slightly_smiling:
Not quite sure whether I will sell my EX4 or swap the 2 drives from my EX2 into the EX4 an sell the EX2. Why? Interested??

Maybe, you can try to install Linux on your EX4 box. I’m still trying to figure that out.