Transfering files via usb cable from laptop

I wanted to transfer files from my laptop to the WD TV Live Hub, so I connected via usb cable from my laptop to the WD TV Live Hub.
However, windows doesn’t recognize the device and it doesn’t show on windows explorer. Is this normal? My laptop does recognize the device if I connect it through ethernet cable. But it doesn’t recognize the device when I connect it through the usb cable. Can you tell me how can I transfer files using the usb cable?

Transfer files via USB (from laptop) to wdtv live hub (USB) is not supported

your only options are …

  1. Copy files via Network Connection from your Laptop to the wdtv live hub internal hdd

  2. Copy files from your Laptop to an external USB HDD and then plug into the USB on the wdtv live hub and copy the files to the internal HDD using the wdtv live hub copy function