How do I copy files from Win10 to WD TV Live Streaming USB?

Hello all, this is my very first post and please forgive my very newbie question.

I have a WD TV Live Streaming, upgraded to the latest firmware. It’s connected to my TV by HDMI and to my home network and Internet by WiFi. I have a Windows 10 PC with a cabled connection to my home network WiFi router. Everything is at pretty much default settings as I usually don’t tinker much.

I have a USB thumb drive plugged into the front USB socket on the WD TV Live Streaming.

Working through the menus, I can see my Windows PC from the WD TV Live.

In Windows File Explorer, under Media Devices, I see WDTVLive. If I double click on this icon it takes me to the device’s Web page.

I want to be able to copy media files from my PC to the USB thumb drive plugged into the WD TV Live over WiFi. I don’t want to have to physically move the USB drive to and fro.

Surely this is possible?

How do I do this in Windows 10? Are there settings I need to establish on the WD TV Live Streaming device?

Many thanks for your help.


Yes, First you will need to map the USB thumb drive to your PC and then you will be able to copy files manually to the drive.

See if the following link helps: