Easier way to transfer files from connected USB drive to WDTV Live Hub?

So, usually I have a large number of files to transfer to my WDTV Live Hub (WLH), lets say 10GB or more.   When I do this, I connected my USB HDD or flash drive to the WLH,  then use the WD menus to copy the files over.   This is a bit of a pain, since you cannot do anything while this is going on.   This is however the fastest method I have found to transfer the files.   Now, I have tried accessing the WLH through Win7 and copy the files from the USB drive (thats connected to the WLH) to the WLH.   This however is very slow, almost like its going from the USB drive, through the WLH, over the network, then back to the WLH.   Not sure what exactly is going on.   However, if I am cutting/pasting (moving) files around on the WLH via Win 7, its instaneous.  

So, back to my original question.  Is there an easier way to get my files over to the WLH?   Maybe there is a another method to copy these files from the USB drive to the WLH via Win7?

The fastest way will void your warranty.

Open the Hub, remove the drive and connect it to a USB adapter and connect to your computer. Transfer files and put it back in the Hub. Too bad it wasn’t made so you could pop the drive out in a tray. Since my warranty is gone makes no difference to me and it is very fast on a USB 3 setup.

Actually, that wouldnt be the easiest way for me, since I only transfer maybe 10GB every so often.  I can see that being the fastest if I want to back that drive up or put a massive amount of data on it, which I may do in the future.  I was hoping that maybe there was a way to get into the WLH UI through  your computer, so I could send commands to copy files from the USB to the WLH HDD.   This be far easier then going through the menus on the TV, Select Multiple files, select the files, copy, select destination folder.   

if it takes logn who cares? just do it when ur not watching anythign on it. or let it go overnight

Thanks for the excellent solution… :neutral_face: