Transfer files from Laptop to WD tv live hub

Hay!!! If anybody know how to transfer files from laptop to wd tv live hub,when i try to transfer with wireles netvork its go only 1.5mb its to slow for transfer anything,always must disconect a ext.hd form my wd and put it on laptop. I tray to connect a crossable with laptop and wd ,and no results, if anybody know how reslove a problem i will be much grateful.

Before when i was transfering with wireles I have posibility for open this folder in pic.Now not,anyone have any idea ,and i have not posibiliti to connect laptop or WD TV LIVE HUB with my router only with wireles network must go

Many thanks

Hey man…try to use FastCopy this is a free software, i got up 10mbs better than 1.5mb!!

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Thanks w0lv3r1n3 !!! I trayed but go on the same speed ,do u have any other solution,maybe something to do in my router ,or i have another ruteer and set him like a reapiter but i dont now how, and have a croscable but when i connect  WD TV LIVE hub and laptop nothing happend.


sslow 2.JPG

I think the poster saying he gets 10Mb, is talking about a wired connection.

There is no way you can get 10mb on Wireless.

You will either have to hard wire your connection, or stick with the really slow wireless, there is no fix, just the way it is.

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Yes I think is the fast 1.5 but i was hoping that have any solution,maybe you have solution to get faster speed with crosscable to laptop and wd tv live hub or create a reapiter from my another router or what must  I buy to connect a laptop and wd tv live hub

Yes it is.

Some would say you don’t need a crossover cable nowadays, and Cat5 cable will do the same thing, as the card inside changes the setting for you. I tried Cat5 and I made a cross over, they both worked at the same speed, it might have been my bad cable skills though.

The best way I have found is hard wired, I can stream 1080p movies from my PC to the Hub with no problems. But if I try and copy the movie from the PC to the Hub over the same cable it starts at about 10mb, but drops down to 5/6/7mb especially if its a large file. The hub is designed to stream video, its not made to move whole files over a network.

Anything else is painful and slow, especially if you are moving anything over 4Gb…shame.

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Yep, understud I think that i must stay to my solution(is the faster way to transfer files,put hd in laptop and is done fast((but is going on my nerve disconect here,put here ,waitttttt,put here wait here heheh)),becaouse i never stream movie ,only whatc when is on hd .

Many thanks for all answer and i will back with another problems…:smileyvery-happy: hehehe

Hi! same question, I will try it.

If you are going to connect two computers via ethernet use a router/switch/or hub, don’t mess with cross over cables.  Dont bother with gigabit as wired speeds still max out at 10-12 MBps.

I dont now way one day, I  open this folder but another week i cant .

Why this happening any sugest?