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Is there any way to arrange music by track number and not alphabetically?

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This is up to how your Media Player detects/reads meta-data and implementation.

Can you be more specific. Maybe provide some images and information about how you are looking at your music.

The below image shows one of my folders using the My Cloud desktop app. They are in order by track. Use the blue radio button with the arrow next to Name to rearrange them.

Here are the same songs being played in the WD Music Player.

Here are the same songs opened on my cell phone Samsung Galaxy S4. The image only shows the first seven but they are all there and in track order.

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cat0w (USA)

Yeah, that only works out for you because the file names have the track numbers at the beginning.

If the track numbers weren’t part of the filename, you’d get a whole different ordering.

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You are correct, I found one of my Music folders that does not have the numbers in front of the songs but that CD was ripped the same as all of mine are so thats not My Clouds fault. While it would take some work a person can go in and add a number to the front of the title and get them in track order. I will try that with the one I found and then when it is backed up again check to see how it shows up on My Cloud when I play it.

I do know that Windows Media Player does not show all of my music that I have on My Cloud so I don’t bother to use it.

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cat0w (USA)

Here is what I found by looking at my Windows Media Player and the Options I have set for ripping music. See Image below.


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cat0w (USA)