Time machine - disk not found

I have a lot of issues with this NAS that I just received and installed. it’s looking as it’s not reliable at all and I wonder if I won’t not sent it back. I spend so much time on it already…

I use two macs… one of the problem is that Time Machine cannot retrieve the disk after reboot OR closing the lid on the laptop OR change of network (I have two wifi and a Devolo system on my router).

Some samples of the error messages I get… I have plenty of them but as a new user I can only show you two. I wonder why?

Can you help? — the user guide is useless (as you probably know already).


Same issue here: https://community.wd.com/t/timemachinebackup-works-intermittently/258142/13

There is a workaround with making macOS use AFP instead of SMB but it is less reliable.

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