Time Machine changes in new Mac OS Sierra

I am completly confused on how to set up my Mac Time Machine to use My Cloud for backups. There is ONE reference to a change in the instructions from WD Help due to Sierra, but that is all. Everything else refers to El Capitan and earlier verions. I MUST be able to sellect My Cloud as my back up disk. I WAS usning a WD USB My Book drive for 6 years, but Sierra has a bug in it where my My Drive is no longer being recognized (or not ejected properly, if it is finally recognized and usable). HELP!!!


I recommend you contact WD support about this.

Thank you, Hamlet. I consider myself a relatively intelligent person, but this stuff is overwhelming!! If WD wants to have helpful guides and screen shots, they should keep them current with new Mac OS versions. A lot of it I blame on Apple, but they never will be as messed up as Microsoft when it comes to new OS versions. I will just keep surfing on the Internet - something will come up. As for the WD support team, I finally gave up the other day trying to fill out their form for support where they wanted the Serial Number from my new My Cloud drive. I used the number right off the box, typed it in, several times, and that was not good enough for them to get help!!! That makes me crazy!!

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There is certainly a lot of out-of-date material on the WD Support pages, and some circular references. So I googled:


Which found me what seem to be useful links:


I suspect these instructions are both missing the fact that you probably need to turn on the TimeMachine facility on the MyCloud.

The only Mac I own is an ancient SE/30, so I can’t help debug this process…

Have you enabled Time Machine in the WD settings? If so, it should show up as an available backup disk.

I FINALLY got my My Cloud connected to my Mac’s Time Machine (Sierra OS) and it is now backing up - for the next seven hours!! No speed awards! So kind soul in the WD Community wrote this very helpful article: Before you pack up your WD and return it, let’s talk about Copying Speeds!

Before you pack up your WD and return it, let’s talk about …https://community.wd.com/t/before-you-pack-up-your-wd-and-return-it-lets-talk-about-copying-speeds/91887
This post has taken almost 6 hours to type up (I began about 5pm and finishing about 11pm) and my main reason for doing this isn’t thatI’m a staff of WD but I wouldn …

I would like to pass it on. Thank you from a 72-year-old user who is, so far, outrunning dementia!!

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Thanks…I finally got Time Machine to see My Cloud as a choice for backup. It is slow as Hell, but it IS working!!

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